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I'll neversee winnie the pooh the same way again... ever


i think my respect for newgrounds actually exists now... really amazing video, i especially loved how the action went with the music (eg. pistons moving with the music in the end credits)

not bad

but you might want to put a more dramatic font for your title, something that goes well with the action of the intro video itself

NejiRulez responds:

k imma have 2 search and when i find 1 im gonna edit it

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Couple of pointers

First of all, I'd like to say that this game looks like it has a lot of potential, and just needs to be worked on some more, but it's on its way to success. My first suggestion would be a way to tell what's intractable and what's not. Possibly something like a green aura around what you can actually interact with, at least something visible to tell the player that he can do something with this. My second suggestion would be to improve how the walls work in this game, I find myself slipping against stuff and going through others. I know it's just a test, but I'd be nice if you could fix that. Something else would be how you appear in the middle of the map each time you switch maps. What you can do to fix that is something like when you walk in a building, it does _global.Building1 = 1; and in the map that's the outside of the building, it has if(_global.Building1 == 1){ _root.Char._y = bla bla bla _root.Char._x = bla bla bla _global.Building1 = 0; This is an easy way to make you appear outside of the building after you exit it. Good luck with your project, and I hope I helped.

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RDBFLASH responds:

Thanks. I tried:

_root.exit1 =5; (when entering a house)

so when i left i used this on the frame you come out in:
if(_root.exit1 >0) {
_root.man._x =;
_root.man._y =;

And strangley, it didn't work and after ages and ages of trying and testing i just had to place the guy in the middle of the map :(

Anyway, thanks for your feedback, i will use this in my future RPGs.

Lots of fun

love this game...

however when tom becomes a skull, the point of thrashing his beard is lost...

BTW who here's goten to level 9 ? its awesome

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i love this song... popcorn = win

anyways, a very nice remix... 10/10

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this was VERY well done, and i enjoyed it, overall it was pretty amazing, but theres something that just... i dont know, its not really doing it for me, so i give it a 9, but thats just me, it definatley deserves a 10 by normal jusgement

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i feel asleep!

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